New iPod nano, touch Cases Suggest New Designs For Both

Posted in Apple News, iPod on 07/09/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Compared to the constant supply of iPhone rumors, the iPod department has been rather lackluster. However the news that case manufacturers are preapring for major design to changes to the iPod nano will delight many, while the iPod touch is also seemingly going to undergo a significant update, MacRumors reports.

The leaked iPod nano case design suggests that it will feature a rectangular screen with a home button, returning to a similar form factor to two generations ago.

Meanwhile, the iPod touch case design has a hole in the bottom corner, and as of yet it is unclear what it is for.

Both designs come from Italian manufacturer Puro, and while they haven’t appeared on its website, they are being advertised to retailers.

Who knows how reliable these are, as it would be surprising to see a completely redesigned iPod nano. Apple strongly marketed the watch aspect of the current model, and to replace it could be considered slightly counter productive. We’ll find out soon enough though, possibly even at the iPhone special event in five days time.


Henry Taylor-Gill

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