New iPod touch, iPod Nano, And ‘Tweaked’ iPod Shuffle to Launch at Next Week’s Apple Event

Posted in Apple News, iPod on 07/09/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


While it’s already expected that Apple will introduce new iPods at next week’s iPhone media event, 9to5Mac shares new details on what to expect from Apple’s new iPod lineup – including an all-new redesigned iPod touch (via MacRumors)!

iPod Shuffle

9to5Mac’s sources claim that the new iPod Shuffle will come in eight colors (compared to 5 current colors), feature only minor changes, and be sold for just $49.

 iPod nano

According to the report, the iPod nano is expected to get a major update. Like the Shuffle, the iPod nano is expected to come in eight colors (compared to the current 7). It also may only be available in a single capacity, where current models are available in both 8GB and 16GB versions. Pricing is also expected to be similar to current models.

Cases for a radically redesigned iPod nano have already begun to surface.

iPod touch

Last but not least, the report claims that the iPod touch will also see a significant redesign with a 4-inch screen similar to the new iPhone. Interesting, the report also suggests that Apple may keep t he current design around for the low-end iPod touch, while the higher-end models would get the new design.

9to5Mac also states that they’ve heard that new iPods will be introduced at $299 and $399 price points, which they speculate to be higher-end redesigned models.

While 9to5Mac ha a decent track record, it’s always worth being skeptical about claims of major changes to Apple’s products. That being said, we should find out for sure on September 12!


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