Review: Clever Lotto – A Handy Lottery Assistant for iOS

Rating: 4.5/5

Posted in Apps, iOS, Reviews on 24/10/2012 by Ian Fuchs


2012 has been an huge year for the lottery, with 2 of the top 5 highest PowerBall winnings to date. With the potential to bank anywhere from a mere 2 Million bucks, all the way up to a cool $200+ million (should enough rollover occur), the excitement of finding a winning strategy can easily become an obsession.  Clever Lotto for iOS offers a unique set of features that can assist in choosing and tracking your lottery tickets.


Clever Lotto (US) for iOS devices ($0.99 in the App Store) is an easy and convenient way for PowerBall and MegaMillion lottery players to track their tickets for winning numbers, monitor trends in numbers, as well as keep track of your spending on lottery tickets.

Using Clever Lotto can make checking a stack of lottery tickets a breeze.  Once you buy your tickets, simply add your tickets numbers, and within minutes of the drawing, Clever Lotto notifies you to your winnings (or lack there-of).  This can be handy for multiple ticket buyers, or if you tend to fall behind on checking tickets.

Clever Lotto also features an expansive winnings calculator, which breaks down your winnings for any combination of possibilities.  Not only will it tell your winnings and numbers for the current draw cycle, but also for more than a years-worth in past drawings, which can be a great way to research your upcoming number selection (if you’re into that sort of thing).


The statistics section of Clever Lotto is where the app really gets impressive.  Clever Lotto tracks both general statistics about both MegaMillion and PowerBall, as well as personal statistics for both games.  Clever Lotto will track your bet history, spendings, winnings, and the number of tickets you’ve purchased.  It also gives a detailed breakdown of draw frequency, as well as most recent draw dates for all possible numbers.

Verdict: [rating: 4.5]

Clever Lotto can be a very valuable asset to frequent PowerBall and MegaMillions players, and can also be very helpful when running office pools.  The ability to track tickets and personal statistics, as well as follow drawing trends and see previous drawing results makes it great for beginners and “experts” (if there is such a thing) alike.


  • Notification for drawing results (winner or not)
  • Tracking personal betting trends
  • Easy to organize multiple tickets
  • Support for PowerBall and MegaMillions


  • Ticket numbers must be manually entered, no barcode scanning

Clever Lotto, a handy lottery assistant – $0.99 in the iOS App Store


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