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The Evolution of the iMac: A Visual History

The Evolution of the iMac: A Visual History

Apple’s new iMac, unveiled at their media event this week, is certainly an attractive piece of equipment – thinner, lighter, and with new sexy curves! The new design also highlights just how much the iMac has changed over the years. Dave Caolo of 52 Tiger shares this intriguing illustration (shown during this week’s Apple event) of just how the iMac has evolved!


  1. Can someone talk about the fact that Apple is trying to kill off disk drives and physical media? Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Pro with Retina, all their newest updates are removing the optical drive completely, leaving the impractical super-drive as an optional accessory… I don’t really like this, I like to burn CDs and DVDs of my own music and movies, and rip DVDs I own to my computer. I think it’s a bit soon to get rid of them.

    1. Yeah, but you can now connect with USB3 and put it on the desktop when you need it. Apple is trying to be as thin and compact as possible, of course, and optical drives just force the form factor to be weighty. I just wish the price would drop in a way that reflected the missing component (equal to the cost of buying the external component). With 64GB SDXC now exceeding any optical format, it is time to move on and I applaud Apple for doing like NeXT in dropping the floppy in ’89 when optical drives where much less prevalent than SD sockets are now. Perhaps fast rewriteable holographic media/drives that hold terabytes to petabytes will displace solid state devices in the future, but for now moving parts (and media) are on their way out.

    2. They imagine that you’ll be just as happy paying them $5.00 for every movie, $1.00 for every television episode and watching all of it it on *their* terms. Americans are stupid though; they’ll accept anything as long as you tell them it’s for *their* convenience or *their* protection.

  2. Jarin Martin says:

    I’d like to point out, that image was from the Apple event, not by that gentleman.

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