Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic – A Life in Three 30 Minute Real-Time Scenes

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic – A Life in Three 30 Minute Real-Time Scenes

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin today discussed his upcoming movie based on the Official Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. He discuss the film in an appearance at the Hero Summit, an invitation-only “theatrical-journalism event.”

The Next Web:

According to the interview from Hero Summit, the movie will take place as three 30-minute scenes that take place in real-time. Each of the scenes will be set backstage at an Apple product announcement. Of course, the movie is still in the early stages of development, so this could definitely change, but the possibility is intriguing.

Which product introductions will serve as the setting for the three scenes? The original Mac, the NeXT, and the iPod.

Backstage settings such as the time leading up to each on-stage introduction could bring fascinating insights into Jobs’ relationships with his various lieutenants during the various periods in time.  Sorkin has a habit of having his characters interact through extended discussions, and various witty quips. I’m putting money on a few of the “walk-and-talk” segments Sorkin has become famous for.

Sorkin says he is currently meeting with various people who were involved with Jobs in real-life. People like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. “These people…revere him despite of the fact that he made all of them cry at one point. But he made all of them better.” Sorkin said.

Sorkin commented that he hopes to end the movie with the text of the “here’s to the crazy ones” ad.

Explaining that there’s no point in writing about someone “unless they’re flawed,” Sorkin hopes to avoid the cradle-to-grave type of biopic, and instead identify points of friction and focus on them.

“It’s a little like writing about the Beatles. There are so many people out there that know so much about him and that revere him. I just saw a minefield of disappointment.”

Sorkin is currently writing the screenplay for the movie. He wrote the screenplay for The Social Network, a film about the beginnings of Facebook.

Video of  the interview is below, the Jobs comments are after the 22 minute point.