The Nexus 4 Bumper: Google’s Latest Shameless Apple Ripoff

Posted in Apple News on 14/11/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Two years ago, Apple released their Bumper case for the iPhone 4 – a simple case to protect the edges, but leave the face and back exposed. Google has now revealed a brand new and completely original case for the Nexus 4 that just happens to copy not only the same function and almost exactly the same design, but features the same name as well: the Nexus 4 Bumper.

Clearly Google’s idea is completely original. Almost everyone was selling Bumpers for smartphones, View-Masters, hamburgers, and even small dogs way before Apple was selling them for the iPhone 4. Just to be clear: Google is absolutely, plainly, quite clearly NOT copying Apple.

At least that’s the mantra they recite to help them sleep at night. Nice work with that little innovation there, Google!

As usual, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop captures my sentiments on the matter quite well:

What a great idea Google. A case for your smartphone that protects the edges, but leaves the screen free. And calling it a bumper is simply genius. Why didn’t Apple think of that a couple of years ago.

  • Court case? 🙂

    • I see what you did there 🙂

  • <sarcasm. The innovation by Google is staggering…. Staggering I say

  • Peter

    How old are you? Writing style of a 12 year old with all your ‘clearly NOT copying Apple’. Its a case for crying out loud, who cares who made it first? Obviously Apple doesn’t own the patents/copyrights for this design or else Google wouldn’t have made it or even named it a bumper case. Moreover, are you really suggesting Apple has copied nothing from Android?

    • Nope. Wasn’t suggesting that at all. Beside the point, really.

      • Gary Colon

        Kunzler = Idiot. Get over it. Apple copies from everybody else as well. Get real.

        • Ah. Name calling. The final push when you don’t have anything intelligent to contribute to a conversation.


    How many case manufactuars make these? Also how much of IOS was stole from android..
    This is another “oh fuck we’re fanboys who think everything companys do is copying the mighty God that is Apple”.

    • If Apple rolled out a suspiciously Google-like search engine, you’d probably be complaining a lot less, right? Yeah…

  • Lol its a case that protects the edges. Someone originated it and someone copied it with slight changes….. Just like every other idea since the beginning of time (ESPECIALLY in the phone case industry)

  • max

    At least this bumper isn’t to fix a faulty devices signal, just to show off how beautiful the phone is

    • Except the iPhone bumper wasn’t built for that purpose either. The bumper was available at launch, long before any antenna issues were discovered, and it just so happened that because cases fixed the problem, they started handing them out for free.

    • Travis Harvey

      I had a iPhone 4. Best reception of any phone I ever had. It was a measurable phenomena, but one that didn’t affect daily use. It was largely an issue fabricated by bored tech press.

  • max

    At least this case isn’t to fix a faulty devices signal, and is just to protect the device without hiding its beauty

  • roberthenderson

    Now now, leave him alone. He’s probably tired of talking about Apple’s spellbinding innovation with their chargers.

  • It must be a school holiday, the trolls are out in force today 🙂

  • nebev

    Wow. Get over it guys. Tech companies copy each other. Apple copied the GUI. Microsoft copied Apple’s GUI. Microsoft copied Apple’s Spotlight. Android copied iOS, iOS copied android. Apple maps is a copy of Google maps etc etc.
    No one company is perfect or completely original.

  • Is a simple case to protect the corners of an object an innovation?

  • smirkis

    this is actually news? you idorks are retards.

  • Chris

    Soon, Apple will have their fanboys believing that they invented the wheel.


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