The Ultimate Mac Portable Mod (Video)

The Ultimate Mac Portable Mod (Video)

In terms of preserving the original product, this is the perfect mod. Patrick Blampied of Ultimate Hipster Tech (via Cult of Mac) has gutted a retro Macintosh Portable, inserted the hardware of an NB100 netbook into it, and somehow got OS X running. The end result is an awesome mod that looks just like the original.

Originally introduced for a whopping $6,500 back in 1989, the Mac portable is bulky by today’s standards, however with OS X on it looks cool, not to mention that the keyboard has been completely re soldered to work with OS X and the original mouse also works (even though it’s now a laser mouse).

The whole thing is powered by a cordless drill battery, and a whole lot of soldering and fiddly work must have gone in to it. Hats off for a great mod!


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