Guy Kawasaki: From Apple Employee To Fandroid

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Guy Kawasaki became known as one of the marketing team for the Macintosh back in 1984, but a year ago, he switched to Android. And he’s never looked back.

It’s a remarkable transformation, and he even went as far as stating that ‘real men use Android’ and that nowadays it is Android, and  not Apple that symbolizes ‘think different’, ReadWrite reports.


People are kind of amazed, but I don’t use any iOS products, none at all. I fell in love with Android on the smartphone, and then I got a Nexus 7 and started using Android on the tablet as well. To me the great irony is that Apple’s slogan was `Think Different,’ but today if you think different you’re looking at Android.

Another thing I like with Android is they don’t have some stupid proprietary cable. I can go to any hotel front desk and if I’ve forgotten my cable they always have a micro-USB around. I can use my Nexus 7 and it’s on the same cable as my Samsung Galaxy S3. What a concept! A standard cable!

Those are very strong words, and I’m sure that a few of you will have your say in the comments. To discuss them would be to open up the whole Android vs iOS war, and we really don’t want to that here and now, however it is worth considering several things about Kawasaki.

Firstly, Samsung and him have recently done some work together, and the Korean company sponsored his work. While he denies that this was linked, I’m sure it was sub consciously at the back of his mind.

Secondly, and on the other hand, I’m definitely more in the non-iPhone camp as things stand (not necessarily Android), so I do understand where he’s coming from. What do you think?

  • David Lilja

    I think that he’s right. Apple stood for “Think Different” but have seriously lost it in the year or two. They still have great usability, but they’re not thinking different any longer. They have, however, moved around a bit in their management so I guess we have to wait until next fall to see the fruit of it.

  • I have been an Apple fan for about 4 years, since then always had Mac or iPhone/iPad etc. But I agree in the sense that, Apple don’t think different anymore. There products are fantastic – but, they’re very similar. I mean, the new iMac is “redesigned” but, it’s not. It’s a thinner version of the older one. I long to see a redesign like the 2002 iMac. I don’t see the point of having something thin, when it’s stationary on a desk 24/7 – I want to see something astonishing in comparison to its later version.

    Just before the iPad mini came out, I had a Nexus 7 – there was a bug on it, which is the reason I changed to iPad Mini. But apart from that, it was much more durable than an iPad – it had offline maps/GPS – and you could even get a cable to let you connect a USB flash drive/external HDD. Why arn’t Apple including things like this? I love my iPhone and iPad, but sometimes I wish there wasn’t as closed off.

    Finally (Sorry, I’m droning on!) – I had so many problems with Windows, but Windows 8 has really blown my socks off, and I’m really considering getting some device just to have Windows 8 on a touchscreen, because I’m loving the complete redesign. Although, I would hate to see iOS transferred onto OSX – I’d love to see the OS on Macs to be changed dramatically – because they look more or less the same as they started. Whereas Microsoft, have (finally) made an entire change. I like it.

    I’m still a big Apple fan, and could never go fully Windows/Android – however, Apple seem to not be able to realise that they are not innovating anymore – but having devices similar to everyone else, but just a tiny bit better.

  • As much as i agree with most of the post.. Is he trying to say that “Google” thinks Different because if that is his point i think hes way off pace. For starters the only company in the past year that has been “think different” is Microsoft and windows 8. They went out on a limb and i personally LOVE it.. So yes i think Apple has slowly moved away from their roots but android has certainly ever done anything innovative at all.

  • In my opinion, nowadays, Choosing between an iOS device and an Android one comes more to style than features. You may have these advantages he said on the article if you have an Android device, but there is no such a refinement in any other brand than the one you can find on Apple. I don’t buy devices for productivity only, they are part of my life and of who I’m. I buy products that show quality and design, so there is no other brand for me but Apple. Of course you have to pay the price, but I sincerely don’t mind. It’s what separates people, style, good taste.

    Comparing an Android device and an Apple one is like comparing a Lamborghini and a Toyota, they will both take you to places, but I don’t need to mention which will show true elegance and power.


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