Review: The Grove Bamboo Case for iPhone 5

Review: The Grove Bamboo Case for iPhone 5

If you’re a regular MacTrast reader, you know I do not like my iPhone 5 to go naked and unprotected through the wilds of the world. I am always trying new cases to protect my precious. The latest set of duds for my device is the Grove Bamboo Case. I have to say, this thing is a little expensive, but man it’s nice.


The case is made out of a combination of bamboo, and 100% post-consumer plant fiber composite. The combination of the two make the case durable while being exceptionally attractive.

The case is of the two piece type, a longer portion that slides over the top 2/3 of the device, with a second piece that slides from the bottom end. The case slides on easily, and USUALLY slides off easily. (More about that later.) The case gives easy access to the Lightning and headphone connectors, allowing the user to charge the iPhone, and use the Earpods while it remains in the case.

I used the case for about a week, and then asked my wife to try it out to get a distaff opinion of the case. Both of us found it attractive, and felt like it added a definite layer of protection.

My wife experienced the only problem during the test, as she found it impossible to get the top part of the case to come off of her white iPhone 5. I was able to get it to finally come off, but not without some heavy duty tugging and not a few expletive deleted phrases being uttered. I was unable to get the issue to repeat itself using my iPhone 5 as a test case, my wife however would not allow me to try it again on her phone,

Other than that, the Grove Bamboo Case performed just as advertised. It protects the phone while lending a unique and stylish air to the device.

I tested the “plain” model ($79.00) , which I actually feel is anything but, considering the beauty of the bamboo, but Grove also offers monogramming on the side, top, or bottom of the case, (for a $14.99 extra charge for each location),  and also offers custom designs for $129.00, or their own stylish designs for $99.00.


The Grove Bamboo Case is a great product that I would recommend to anyone wanting an unusual and stylish case that will stand out from the crowd. The materials used in the case are top-notch, and the end product is one of the better cases I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Drop by the Grove website to take a look at the case and all the optional designs available for it.


Price: $79.00 for the “Plain” model (engraving available for $14.99 and up), $99.00 for any of Grove’s numerous attractive engraved designs, or $129.00 for an engraving of your own custom art. (Available at the Grove Website.)


  • Stylish, attractive, protects your iPhone 5 very well.
  • Unusual design and materials, not something you see every day.
  • Gives easy access to all the iPhone 5’s ports and connectors.


  • The price is a little dear, but considering the materials and workmanship, not outrageous.
  • The case was difficult to remove from the phone in one instance. This appeared to be a one-time, if frustrating thing.


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