Amazing Apple Anecdote: Steve Jobs Notices EVERYTHING

Amazing Apple Anecdote: Steve Jobs Notices EVERYTHING

We’re back with another Amazing Apple Anecdote. This week we learn just how far Steve Jobs’s attention to detail went – it turns out, an extremely long way.



Emily Brower Auchard, who worked on the P.R. team for Steve Jobs at NeXT, says that Jobs was a “noticer” who picked up on the smallest detail. “One of my tasks was to sit in press interviews with Steve and take notes. Once before an interview, I realized that I was wearing two different shoes. I had dressed quickly that morning and had grabbed what I thought were a pair of black pumps. They weren’t. I called my boss for advice. She said I absolutely needed to fix the situation because Steve would definitely notice. So I drove like a maniac to the Stanford Mall and bought myself a pair of replacement shoes at Nordstrom and then sped back to NeXT’s offices. It was the fastest shopping decision I ever made.”

It was a well known fact Steve Jobs was manic about the quality and detail of Apple’s products, but of a matching pair of shoes? That’s another level. That’s it for this week but we’ll be back soon with more, for now though, enjoy!


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