HelpBridge: Microsoft Launches Natural Disaster Assistance App

Posted in Apple News, Apps, iOS on 17/01/2013 by Chris Hauk


Microsoft has just released a mobile app that can help you connect with loved ones in case of a natural disaster, and can also let you donate time and money to rebuilding efforts.



Available now as a free download on Windows Phone, Android and iPhone, HelpBridge is Microsoft’s new mobile app that everybody should have on their handset, just in case. Should you, God forbid, ever find yourself at the epicenter of a large scale natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, the software will help you connect with those that matter to you most.

HelpBridge is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform, and provides access to the world’s leading disaster relief organizations.

The app allows you to set up a list of loved ones you can then tell the app to contact if disaster does strike. You can enter an emergency message, or a message letting them know you’re OK and send it via SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also optionally include location information so they know where to find you.

The app’s donation feature allows you to donate via text-to-give, give goods, or make donations through PayPal.

More information is available on Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship Blog.

The app is available for download for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.


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