How To Change Your iPhone’s Carrier Logo, No Jailbreak Required!

Posted in How To, iPhone on 03/01/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


For years, users of jailbroken iPhones have had the ability to change the carrier logo from the boring AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile etc. text to something a little more personal and interesting. For those of you that don’t jailbreak, the folks at uhelios have released a new app that allows you to change the iPhone carrier without hacking your device!

Editing the logo is a simple process – just find an image that you like (or make your own), and use CarrierEditor (free, download link) to upload it to your iPhone, and PRESTO! You now have your very own custom carrier logo! There are a few restrictions – such as that it doesn’t work with all carriers (including Sprint in the U.S.), but most users should have no trouble changing their carrier logo to whatever design they like.

Dom over at AppAdvice has put together a handy tutorial explaining the entire process very clearly:

Reverting the change is just as easy – just repeat the process, and select the original carrier file rather than the custom one you created. Enjoy – and if you come up with something really cool, send me a pic and we might feature it on the site!

  • Tom

    Ive changed it, icon was too big , now it wont revert or update to a new icon. Thanks.

    • reboot ya fn noob

  • are we supposed to load an image in what size?

  • King Shone

    It wont work in Mountain Lion 🙁

  • Didn’t work for me. Tried several different images, rebooting, the whole nine yards.



  • me

    Even got this one Working 🙂 TmobileNL iphone 4s well done guys

  • Mimi

    Bummer, it doesn’t have Virgin Mobile USA.

  • Name

    Hey can i have skrillex logo

  • can you use an iPhone 4s i tried with mac 5 times never worked ????

  • mv90

    the carrier logo did not go through…..i need help

  • Alex Lopez

    what would I pick if i have tmobile us version?


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