iOS 6.1: New Lockscreen Music Controls

Posted in Apple News, iOS on 29/01/2013 by Chris Hauk


Apple released iOS 6.1 on Monday, and music lovers will find one pleasant surprise. It’s not amazing, but it still deserves to be noticed.


If you’re playing a song in the Music app, and you’re sitting on the lockscreen, just double click the Home button. The music controls you’ll see on the screen are now consistent with the controls you’ll see inside the Music app.

It’s not a huge deal, but consistency is always nice.

What have you noticed that’s new in iOS 6.1? Share your discoveries with us in the comments section below.

  • Kabir Kwatra

    That was there in 5.1.1

    • Not quite like this it wasn’t

    • the muisc controls where updated with the 6.1 update, they have always been there

      • Eric Morgan

        It’s the look that’s different. Much different in fact.

  • tinkarobert97

    Maybe this is a hint to iOS 7.

  • Ethaan

    Screenmirroring w/ iphone5 is new i think?

  • the12envy

    Not sure if it’s just me but my Tweetbot and GMail notifications are showing up at the very top of the ‘Notification Bar’; as in above the ‘Weather’. So far those are the only two apps that I’ve noticed with notifications up there where as the others are still in their usual place. Anyone else?? I’m not sure I like it..

    • Eric Morgan

      Check your notification settings. Sounds like it’s not set to manual or else the order got changed on updating.

      • the12envy

        Aaaahhhhhhhh!!! GOT IT! THANKS!!! I wasn’t aware that that order is how they showed up on your notification screen.. Guess I’m the moron! Hahaha!! Thanks again!!

        • Eric Morgan

          You’re welcome.

  • This feature was there before on iOS 6.0

    • Eric Morgan

      It’s the look that’s changed.

  • Buttons are smaller and I have difficulty to aim 😐

  • Did the keyboard change? I thought ‘123’ key used to be ‘.?123’

  • Heretofore, using an iPhone in a car (well, my car, a 2012 Subaru Outback) using the USB port disabled onscreen controls on the iPhone and required navigation through the songs/albums/artists using the clumsy interface in the car. I got the car when iOS 5.x was out, and it has been this way through iOS 6.0.1. To select a song via the iPhone (the only way that was really acceptable) I could connect the iPhone using the 1/8 connector or over Bluetooth, or pull out the cord, choose the song/album, and then reinsert the USB cable. The former (1/8″) not allowing for line level outputs, and the latter (BT) not as high quality — forcing me to utilize the 3rd option.
    I was pleasantly surprised when running iOS 6.1 that I can now navigate the music on the iPhone via the iPhone when connected over USB, and the status such as repeat or shuffle that were selected in the car are displayed on the iPhone. People now in my car can choose songs via the iPhone, and not the stupid jog dial. This was an unannounced but VERY welcome feature/fix/addition!


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