ITC to Review Apple/Samsung Patent Dispute Decision

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 24/01/2013 by Chris Hauk


The International Trade Commission, who specializes in trade and patent disputes across the U.S., has been persuaded by Samsung to review the preliminary decision that found a number of the smartphone maker’s products infringed on Apple’s patents.

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Although the ITC will be reviewing the case “in its entirety,” part of the dispute will also be sent back to ITC Judge Thomas Pender in order to ask him to review particular two sections of the case, where the judge ruled that Samsung infringed on two patents in October, according to Bloomberg. The case in question resulted in the presiding judge ruling that Samsung infringed on two of Apple’s patents, but discarding two others. As a result, Judge Pender recommended that the ITC order a ban on American imports of Samsung products that were found to violate Apple’s patents.

The two patents involved in the dispute include how a mobile device detects when a headjack is plugged in, and how a mobile device can show an image on a multitouch screen with an additional, translucent image over the top.

Apple filed the complaint in 2011, alleging Samsung had infringed the patents with over a dozen of its products, including the Transform and Captivate smartphones, and the Galaxy tablet.

The final decision on the court case, originally due in March, will be pushed back due to the review.

“We remain confident that the full commission will ultimately reach a final determination that affirms our position,” said Adam Yates, a spokesman for Samsung.

This skirmish is just one of many legal battles that Apple and Samsung are waging in courtrooms around the world.


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