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KUBI Wants To Make Awkward iPad Video Calls A Thing Of The Past

KUBI Wants To Make Awkward iPad Video Calls A Thing Of The Past

Whatever you use, be it Skype, Facetime or another video chat service, the iPad has become a popular way for users to chat to friends and family across the world. So Revolver Robotics has created an KUBI, an interesting Indiegogo project that aims to facilitate the experience, allowing the user to control what they see on their screen.

It can be quite awkward at times, if somebody wants to show you something or if the other person is having trouble getting themselves in frame. However KUBI gives you the control over where you want to look through a web app, and you can use pretty much any service. If you want, you can also use the Kubi app to chat, which offers a much more straightforward ‘tap to center’ interface.

The tablet using the KUBI connects to it via Bluetooth 4.0, so no need for cables, and I say ‘tablet’ because it actually works with any tablet from iPad mini size (7.9 inches) up to Surface size (10.6 inches). In other words, it’s very flexible.

App developers have also been invited to integrate KUBI’s functionality into their apps, and a specific ‘Hacker’ model of the device is scheduled for release February.

It will be very interesting to see if this takes off. Currently, the project is 77% funded, and you can get hold of a KUBI for a minimum contribution of $199 (retail is $249). Whether the average person would be willing to spend that much just to facilitate video chat we shall have to see, but it’s a solid enough idea. I think Sheldon would approve.


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