Review: Free Music Download Pro for iOS – Legally Download Free Music, Lyrics, Videos and More

Rating: 3.5/5

Posted in Apps, iOS, Reviews on 24/01/2013 by Chris Hauk


Love music, but hate paying for it? Or maybe iTunes just doesn’t have the kind of music you like? Do you see videos on the net you’d like to download to your iPhone, but just don’t know how? Enter Free Music Download Plus from  ASPS Apps.



As a music lover, I am constantly looking for new and interesting music. I’m on a budget however, so buying music from iTunes and Amazon is definitely not always a option for me. Besides, if I’m thinking of trying a different genre of music than I usually listen to, paying per song or album for music I’m not even sure I’ll wind up putting into my regular rotation is just not a solid choice.

With Free Music Download Plus, I can visit some of the popular free music sites and download the available MP3 files directly into the app for listening later. I can even preview the song to see if it might be something I’ll like.

After downloading, I can listen to the MP3 in the app, and even stream it out to an Apple TV or my Bluetooth speaker.

The app works well with quite a few video viewing sites too. Although it’s hit and miss and seems to depend on the file format the sites use for streaming. I was able to download a 1917 Tarzan movie from a public domain video site, and it played quite well in the app.

Content can be added to the app via upload from your PC or Mac via a built-in web server. I was able to upload files to the app, and even download files from the app to my Mac, all via a simple web interface.

Playlists can be created and edited, using a simple interface that resembles what you’ll be used to using the iOS music player.

I did have trouble playing songs from my iTunes library, but I keep all my music in the cloud, so that may be why it didn’t want to play my tunes.



If you love music, and want to try the various free repositories out there, I highly suggest you try Free Music Download Pro Plus. I’m not sure I would use the app a my main media app, but it makes a nice addition to your app library.

The ability to download music from web repositories via the apps built-in browser is a nice feature, and the multiple downloads feature speeds up an otherwise slow download  process.

I was unable to find any songs that had lyrics available, so I was unable to test the lyrics function where the app displays the lyrics while the song plays.

If you like trying out free music and videos, give the app a shot. It’s currently only $0.99, (Usually $1.99), and there is also a free version available that has a storage limit of 15 songs, and has no Wi-Fi transfer option to and from your PC or Mac.

This app was reviewed on the iPhone, but it is a Universal App, and can be ran natively on an iPad.


Price: Currently $0.99 (Regularly $1.99) in the App Store. (DIRECT LINK)


  • Ability to download music and videos directly from the host website.
  • Previewing songs before downloading is especially nice.
  • I like the Wi-Fi upload/download feature for use with PC/Mac computers.
  • Uses the iPhone 5’s longer screen.


  • I was unable to play music from my iTunes library. As I said, it could have been because I use cloud storage for my music library.
  • You can’t copy the music from the app directly to your iTunes library on your device. But I believe this is because of Apple programming guidelines.


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