Walmart Now Offering the iPhone 5 with $45 Straight Talk Unlimited Plan

Posted in Apple News, iPhone on 14/01/2013 by Chris Hauk


Want to get an iPhone 5 without locking yourself into a 2 year commitment? Walmart is offering the iPhone 5 with its Straight Talk phone service for $649 for the 16GB model.


Straight Talk is officially supporting the iPhone 5 now with its $45 plan advertised as unlimited talk, messages and data. The price of admission for a 16 GB iPhone 5 with Straight Talk is $649 at Walmart stores, but the retailer is offering no-interest special financing for the phone: $25 per month.

You will need a Walmart credit card to get the financing deal, and even though the Straight Talk service is month-to-month, you’ll still be paying Walmart $25 a month for 26 months to pay of the iPhone 5. But, if you don’t have the bucks to pay up front for an iPhone 5 on a contract-based deal, this is an easy way to grab one, and get a lower monthly service bill in the deal.

Straight Talk buys wireless service from the major carriers and resells it.

Straight Talk doesn’t mention LTE service in its release, so there’s a possibility that your data speeds will be slower than you’d see if you hooked up directly with a major carrier. Straight Talk’s “unlimited” plans also have a soft cap of 2GB per month on data use, but if you can put up with slower data speeds and the cap, it might be worth looking into.


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