New LG Phone Ad Takes Apple’s Panorama Ad and Expands on It

New LG Phone Ad Takes Apple’s Panorama Ad and Expands on It

A new ad from LG plays well off of Apple’s iPhone 5 ad that showed off the device’s Panorama skills. The LG ad, for their Optimus G Pro handset, does a nice pat on the back to the iPhone 5 ad, then gives it a straight uppercut as it shows off the expanded panoramic abilities of the LG device.


For the first 30 seconds or so, the LG spot (viaMacMagazine) is a tweaked, but faithful, reproduction of the Apple ad in which an iPhone user takes a panorama shot of a line of joyful children. It mimics the white background, the elongated “Cheeeeese” (here “Kimchiiiiiii”) and the quirky background music, as well as the long-framed picture the panorama shot produces.

Then, at the 30 second mark, the ad begins showing the larger capabilities of the Optimus G Pro. Instead of moving on one axis, as for an iPhone 5 panoramic shot, the user begins moving the camera all around, capturing the ceiling, floor and all the surrounding area.

This results in a multi-dimensional shot, which can then be navigated on the device’s screen. This capability was added to the Android OS by Google in its late October Jelly Bean 4.2 release. Images can then be uploaded to Google+ or Google Maps for sharing with others.

The Optimus G Pro spot is seen above, while the Apple spot it skewers can be viewed below.


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