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Apple Nears Agreement In Brazilian iPhone Trademark Case

Apple Nears Agreement In Brazilian iPhone Trademark Case

The Brazil iPhone trademark saga has been going on for a few months now. In essence, it emerged that a Brazilian company called IGB Electronics owned the exclusive rights to the ‘iPhone’ trademark in Brazil. A dispute then ensued, which Apple lost, giving IGB the grounds to sue for exclusivity and potentially ban Apple from selling the iPhone in Brazil.

However that hasn’t happened, and it seems on the contrary that both parties are now close to an agreement in the case, Forbes reports.

brazil IPHONE



According to Brazil’s largest daily, Folha de São Paulo, both companies have agreed to at least temporarily end the lawsuit over iPhone and come to some sort of “pacific agreement,” the paper reported on Saturday.

Apple has paid millions for its exclusive use of the word iPhone in the past and will likely pay IGB as well.

However it was added that if a deal can’t be found, then the lawsuit could be reactivated, so this is by no means over, even though the situation looks promising for Apple.

I wonder if anyone’s ever tried the Gradiente iPhone. Is it even any good?

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