Google Chromebook Pixel LTE Model Due to Ship by April 8

Google Chromebook Pixel LTE Model Due to Ship by April 8

Have you been lusting after Google’s Chromebook Pixel laptop, but need LTE connectivity? Well, wait no more my shiny device loving friend, an LTE version of Google’s new device has popped up on Google Play today. The $1,449 device is scheduled to ship April 8.



An LTE connection will cost from $9.99 for 24 hours to up to $50 for 5GB, according to GigaOm. All LTE models come with 100MB of data transfer for two years, along with 1 terabyte of Google Drive storage for three years. 

So that extra $150 charge over the regular model gets you 100MB of mobile data through Verizon every month for two years. Considering the device relies on the Internet for ALMOST EVERYTHING, you should exhaust that allotment in around 20 minutes.


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