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Apple Adds “Parents Guide to iTunes” to U.K. App Store

Apple Adds “Parents Guide to iTunes” to U.K. App Store

Apple has clearly felt the need to remind parents in the UK how to make sure their children don’t go spending thousands on in app purchases, and as such it has uploaded a ‘Parents Guide’ to the UK App Store. As a Brit, it’s pretty embarrassing that we are the only country which needs such a thing.

parents guide

There’s no excuse for the quite frankly ignorant parents who don’t take a second to research and solve the issue by toggling a switch in the settings.

However, there are also many other ways to prevent the issue, including putting a passcode on your iOS device, not linking a credit card to your account, instead using gift vouchers, or simply setting up a separate account for your child if over 13.

Hopefully this guide will take some of the blame away from Apple. There was no excuse before, but now with all the publicity, if any parent so much as dares blame Apple for their child over downloading in app purchases, it’s a disgrace.

You can access it from the Featured tab in the App Store.


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