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Apple Reportedly Planning to Launch New Mac Pro Hardware in April or May

Apple Reportedly Planning to Launch New Mac Pro Hardware in April or May

It’s been quite some time since Apple released a substantial update for the Mac Pro (almost 3 years, in fact) – and eager power users have been waiting none-too-patiently for Apple to roll out seriously upgraded new models. There are a variety of reasons why Apple may wait at least a few months before unveiling new models – but MacDailyNews claims to have insider information revealing that Apple could release new models as soon as next month.

Mac Pro


 Apple will announce its replacement for the company’s Mac Pro lineup this month, a source who has been correct about Apple product matters in the past has just informed us.

Our source offered no information as to whether the “Mac Pro replacement” would be a tower, mini-tower, or some other solution, but did caution that the announcement “could slip into May or even June, but currently April looks most likely.”

The site did not provide clarification on whether Apple will release an upgraded Mac Pro based on the current hardware design, or a redesign with a smaller form factor or other changes. A Mac Pro update in April doesn’t seem very likely, as Intel is preparing to launch new desktop CPUs and a powerful new Thunderbolt controller closer to the middle of the year – significant hardware updates that would be a perfect fit in the new Mac Pro.

It’s also possible, however, that Apple has made arrangements with Intel for early access to upcoming hadrware – it has happened before, and should not be ruled out. However, considering MacDailyNews’ minimal track record, and the fact that this did not come down from established media sources with connections to Apple (such as Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal), it’s worth remaining skeptical about the accuracy of these claims. A european retailer also claimed that new Mac Pros would launch this spring.

Apple has previously stated that a new Mac Pro would arrive sometime in 2013. Apple is reportedly working on new 2TB SSDs for the next-gen Mac Pro. Apple recently stopped selling the Mac Pro in Europe due to its failure to meet recent EU regulations. We’ve compiled a significant collection of reasons that Apple may have delayed the Mac Pro, many of which suggest a new version is unlikely to launch until at least mid-2013.



  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    The Apple business rep I deal with who has friends higher up and in positions to know, is indicating an announcement regarding the Mac Pro possibly in the next few weeks but no later than WWDC. Take that with a huge grain of salt though because this is third hand information from a guy who knows a guy who is a reputable source. So really it’s at best confirmation that an announcement is forthcoming and at worst another vicious rumor.

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