Apple Submits Revised Campus 2 Plans, Will Delay Tantau Development to Cut Costs

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 25/04/2013 by Chris Hauk


Earlier this month, we reported that Apple’s upcoming “spaceship” Cupertino campus is running behind schedule and over budget. Apple was reported to be looking for ways to cut costs related to the project, and it appears they have found ways to do that.


The original plan was to construct a 600,000 square foot area of buildings (known as the Tantau Development) in two phases. Phase 1 would be constructed alongside the construction of the main Apple campus, while the second phase would be delayed until later.


In order to trim 300,000 square feet of construction costs from its budget, Apple has pushed the entire Tantau Development to Phase 2, which means it will be completed after the main campus is built.

Phase 2 will include research and development buildings for up to 2,200 employees along North Tantau Avenue.

The revised campus plans include the addition of an expanded section detailing bicycle access improvements, which comes with the below visualization of what said bike pathways and sidewalks might look like on the campus.


There are also minor increases in parking availability and updates to public improvements included in the plan, as well as a new section on Public Art that details four locations where the company plans to install art near the campus.

The Campus 2 budget currently sits somewhere near $5 billion, reportedly due to Steve Jobs’ insistence on design quality and expensive construction methods. The circular 2,800,000 square foot 4-story structure is designed to hold 12,000 employees and has a predicted completion date of 2016.


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