Apple Aggressively Working to Integrate Maps and Siri With Your Car’s Console

Posted in Apple, Apple News, iOS on 30/04/2013 by Chris Hauk


Apple is looking to make aggressive moves in the in-car integration space later this year, say numerous people familiar with the initiative. Apple is said to be working with car makers to deeply integrate iOS Maps and Siri services into automobiles.



While companies sell accessories to place iPhone and other iOS devices on car dashboards for easy access to Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation, Apple wants to break into the space with its own solutions…

According to people familiar with the plans, Apple is working with car makers on updated versions of car center consoles that could attach to iOS devices like the iPhone. Specifically, an iPhone could be plugged into a car and an optimized, redesigned version of Apple Maps will appear on the car’s built-in display instead of a proprietary GPS system found in many cars.

This feature is described by sources as being similar to a video-out or mirrored display representation of the iPhone’s Maps app onto the bigger screens present in the consoles of many modern vehicles. With the iPhone connected to the vehicle, Siri could be used to control the Maps functions along with other iOS features.

Last year, Apple announced their Siri “Eyes Free” service that allows users to connect their iPhone to their car, and use Siri through the vehicles voice command system. Apple is working with Chevrolet, BMW, Toyota, Audio, Honda, and Land Rover among others on the feature. It is likely that Apple is working with those same car makers to integrate Siri and Maps into their vehicles.

The new car functionality could be in the relatively distant future, as Apple will need to conduct extensive in-car testing, make improvements to Apple Maps, and Siri infrastructure, and of course make the deals with the car makers.


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