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Tim Cook Apology Well Received by Chinese State-Run Media

Tim Cook Apology Well Received by Chinese State-Run Media

A report from Reuters says that the public apology by Apple CEO Tim Cook that publicly addressed the controversy over the company’s warranty policies in China has resulted in a favorable reaction from the state-controlled media that had up to now been doing its best to damage Apple’s reputation with Chinese consumers.


Reuters, via 9to5Mac:

With its rare apology, Apple Inc went from pariah to praiseworthy in the eyes of China’s state-controlled media, a lesson for other foreign firms not to underestimate the speed and power of the government press… The Chinese newspapers that threw brickbats at Apple a few days ago have since changed their tune.

Yesterday’s apology, in the form of a letter from CEO Tim Cook announcing changes in Apple’s warranty policies in China, was a response to a campaign by state-run media outlets which continually bashed the company’s warranty policies compared to other countries. Apple initially refused to back down, but the apology from Cook already seems to be having a positive effect on the country’s media.

Along with popular tabloid the Golden Times, which is published by Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily, the government is also now praising Apple for its decision:

The company’s apology letter has eased the situation, softening the tense relationship between Apple and the Chinese market … Its reaction is worth respect compared with other American companies,” wrote popular tabloid the Global Times

The Foreign Ministry praised Apple for “conscientiously” responding to consumers’ demands.

Apple’s decision to address the situation and change its warranty policies in China appears to be working, as it continues to battle the negative, state-run media in what is quickly becoming Apple’s largest and most important market.