Some 2012 iMac Users Unable to Install OS X Mavericks Developer Preview

Posted in Apple News, OS X on 11/06/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


With yesterday’s new developer preview of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Apple has showed off a lot of great new features for the Mac Operating System. While the developer preview is easily installable and usable for most who attempt the process, however, some users of 2012 iMacs (myself included) are unable to proceed with the install.


I’ve confirmed this on three late 2012 iMac systems that I have access to, and have confirmed the issue with other iMac users as well.. After downloading the Mavericks installer from the Mac App Store and launching it, the iMac reboots exactly as expected – but instead of launching into the Mavericks installer, user are instead presented with a grey “cancel” logo on a white background. Notably, this is the same error that users might encounter if they try to install an older version of OS X on a newer Mac that doesn’t have the necessary drivers to support the older OS X installer.

Even worse, the only way to bring the target partition on your Mac back to a usable state is to do a complete restore from backup – otherwise it keeps attempting and failing to boot into the Mavericks installer. It’s understandable that this is a beta, and that users accept the risks of attempting to install and use it for any purpose, but it is a disheartening situation nonetheless.

This is likely due to an early glitch in the beta that Apple will probably fix for the second developer preview – but it nevertheless remains extremely frustrating for developers who have paid $99 for access into the Mac Developer Program, only to find that they cannot install or use the new Mavericks preview. Notably, I was able to install the preview on a 2012 Mac Mini successfully.

Have any of you experienced this issue? Let us know! We’ve reached out to Apple’s Developer Support to see if they can provide a solution.

  • I have a 2012 Macbook Pro retina and it has failed to install for me as well.

    • Thanks. Glad to know I’m not alone on this.

      • Eric Blair

        I finally got it. Heres what I did.

        I hooked up my external drive using a seagate thunderbolt adapter (might no be necessary).

        Then, in Mountain Lion, I created an install disk using a USB flash drive. I used that to install Mavericks on my external drive. After that I could move it over to my USB 3 port and boot from there.

        I hope this helps.

      • _SahilThakur

        it works for me guys. i JUST finished installing OS X 10.9 MAVERICKS on my 2012 MACBOOK PRO RETINA 13′. for some strange reason the image is unable to attach here. i keep uploading but it doesnt show up. maybe because im using the new Mavericks Developer Preview :p

  • Xylose

    I’ve got a 2013 MacBook Pro (w/o Retina but with HighRes) and it fails for me as well.

  • Ricardo

    Middle 2009 Macbook Pro and after the installer boots my mac, it fails to boot to proceed the instalation. It’s a first with DP’s.

  • Alexjs

    my 2012 iMac gets to the login screen and when i go to type the password i just get a kernel panic. however it just about works (but is still virtually unusable) when booting in safe mode by holding down shift. works perfectly on my late 2008 macbook.

  • knotbasic

    guess i’ll wait for the next beta…

  • Kevin

    I simply rebooted and it worked…

  • roni

    me too, iMac 2012

  • the.A.student

    2012 Macbook Air is having the same issue.

    • Apple has since patched the issue. Have you tried with the public release of Mavericks?

  • natasha

    I have an iMac 2012 with that very issue.

    • Actually, Apple has since patched the issue. Have you tried with the public release of Mavericks?

      • natasha

        I have indeed-twice since I wrote initially. I have yet to call apple support though.

  • JW

    I’m not having any luck downloading Maverick since yesterday on my Mac Pro.

  • PS

    Macbook Pro mid 2012 same problem. Frustrating.

  • AD

    Macbrook Pro Early 2011 and cannot download Mavericks! Tried checking for disc errors and there are none so, don’t know what to do!!

  • Luna

    I have a backup of my files but I don’t have a backup of the system itself on hand. Is there another way to go back to the previous system?


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