How to Build Your Own iPhone 5 Dock Out of LEGO

Posted in How To, iPhone on 18/07/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


I love LEGO. I love Apple. So if I had an iPhone 5, I’d definitely attempt making this awesome 42 piece LEGO iPhone 5 dock which UK LEGO site The Daily Brick has come up with.

Available in both black and white, it costs £11.95 (roughly $18) and is currently in stock. There’s a clip inside the dock to hold the Lightning cable (which isn’t included), and it seems like a fairly solid and practical creation.

The instructions are also viewable for free here for those on a budget, and while I’d highly recommend supporting the awesome site that is The Daily Brick by buying the set from them, there are alternatives if you’re one of the impatient types.

You can buy the pieces individually on a LEGO marketplace site like Bricklink (I highly recommend it as a great source of cheap LEGO sets and pieces, I’ve used it myself), or rummage through your own LEGO box if you have one and improvise. That last option could be the most fun, as you can create a truly unique dock, even if it probably won’t look as good.

It’s definitely a cool thing to make though, so I recommend that iPhone 5 users give it a shot.

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