Kuo: iPhone 5S to be in Short Supply, Haswell iMacs and MacBook Pros, No New iPad Mini This Year

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 23/07/2013 by Chris Hauk


9to5Mac reports that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a new report with his predictions for new products from Apple for the remainder of 2013. Kuo says the iPhone 5S will be in short supply, Apple will debut a budget iPhone, early September will see a new full-size iPad, but no new iPad mini model will appear until 2014. Kuo also sees new iMacs and MacBook Pros built upon Intel’s new Haswell platform debuting later this year.



Kuo says the iPhone 5S will be in short supply at launch time. While some publications, DigiTimes, I’m looking at you, point to the much-rumored fingerprint sensor as the guilty party, Kuo merely says supply issues with new components will be to blame. He sees the iPhone 5S launching at the end of September, and supply beginning to free up by the October-November timeframe.

Kuo sees the budget iPhone with the plastic body arriving in early September, as it will be easier to produce than the iPhone 5S. The new model reportedly will have unspecified “novel” new features, have a price range between $450 and $550 off contract, and should cap at around 26 million units this year.


Kuo sees a redesigned fifth-generation full-sized iPad coming in early September, a thinner and lighter design is expected.

Kuo claims that Apple will not update the iPad mini this year, but he does see two new mini models in the pipeline. A Retina display model and a cheaper iPad mini with an A5 chip are on their way according to Kuo. The A5 model won’t launch until next year, says Kuo, due to production not beginning until December. He doesn’t see it as being much cheaper to produce than the current model.

Kuo says the Retina model will likely include an A7 chip, redesigned internal components, and will debut sometime in March/April 2014.


Kuo sees Haswell-related updates to both the MacBook Pro and iMac lineups this year. The new iMac should launch at the end of August, and the new Retina MacBook Pro models will reportedly see a mid-September launch window.


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