Apple’s iPhone Supply Chain, Visualized: The Truth About Where iPhones Really Come From (Infographic)

Posted in iPhone, Miscellaneous on 14/08/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


Ever wonder where iPhones come from? Not in the “duh, they come from the Apple Store, you idiot!” sense – but the underlying truth about where the various components are sourced, where most of the labor is performed, and where it all comes together before hitting the store shelf?  Alex Hillsberg at FinancesOnline has shared an intriguing infographic with us that breaks it all down into a simple-to-digest format!

To be honest…this is the sort of infographic that I am likely to skip over entirely. It makes some odd grammatical mistakes, and seems clearly bent to promote (an entirely unrelated website). Nevertheless, it’s the first such graphic I’ve seen that does a pretty decent job tracing Apple’s iPhone supply chain. So errors aside, it makes for a pretty interesting display.

The graphic even includes a breakdown of the various minerals used in the iPhone (and where they come from), how much labor goes into each device from each country it passes through, and even has some fascinating nuggets about Steve Jobs and the history of the iPhone. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

How iPhones Are Made: A Surprising Report on How Much of Apple's Top Product is US-manufactured
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