Build a 1984 Mac From LEGO Blocks – BONUS! It Acts as an iPad Stand

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 24/01/2014 by Chris Hauk


When you’re having the gang over for your big 30th Birthday of the Mac celebration tonight, you might need a group project. Well, this one is it. If you’re real good at following along on video, you might be able to build a 1984 Mac from LEGO blocks. And there’s a bonus! It also acts as an iPad stand!


OS X Daily:

Building a retro Macintosh iPad stand out of LEGO is certainly less intrusive than carving up an actual old school Mac enclosure to create something similar. Plus it’s LEGO, and what earthly human doesn’t like a good excuse to build something with LEGO?

While the site didn’t include any specific parts lists or step-by-step instructions, you might be able to figure out how to put this thing together. Anything is possible if you have enough white LEGO blocks and Red Bull, right?

This creation and video is an art project put together by two designers. Their Vimeo page includes the following info:

Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken have recreated a design classic with a modern twist. This project is testament to how a brand can sometimes move in a full circle. Kinsella and Bakken (both big fans of LEGO) recreated a scale model of the 1984 classic, Apple Macintosh. Then with a few simple adjustments to the design, they were able to incorporate the Apple iPad into the design. The result; a super cool looking place to dock the iPad, read the newspaper, or watch a film.


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