Apple Admits iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Problem, Offers Repair Program

Apple Admits iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Problem, Offers Repair Program

Apple has all but admitted that there is a problem with the sleep/wake button on some iPhone 5 models. Apple says it has initiated a recall on some iPhone 5 models, because the button may “stop working or work intermittently,” according to an Apple statement given to The Loop


MacRumors notes that the company has created a special support website for the recall that allows customers to enter their iPhone serial number to find out if their device is one of the “small percentage” of iPhone 5 models that are affected. 

Phones affected by the recall can be taken to an Apple retail store, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Unfortunately, the phone will need to be sent to an Apple Repair Center for servicing. Stores will have a limited amount of 16GB iPhone 5 units available as loaners. Devices can also be mailed to Apple, details are available on the recall program’s website

Users who believe they have paid for an out-of-warranty replacement to fix this specific issue can contact Apple for a refund. The company says this does not extend warranty coverage for any other issues. Also, this program is only effective for teo years after the purchase of the iPhone 5 in question.

Apple also is requiring that any iPhone that receives a sleep/wake button replacement be upgraded to iOS 7.

Apple U.S. retail stores are reportedly offering a $350 trade-in credit toward a new device to iPhone 5 owners who are experiencing the sleep/wake button issue. Apple is only offering the credit to users who specifically ask about upgrades. The amount is above what a store would typically offer for an iPhone trade-in that is in good working order.