Report: Retina MacBook Pros to Get Minor Updates on July 29th

Posted in Apple, Mac, Rumor on 28/07/2014 by Chris Hauk


A new report claims that upgraded Retina MacBook Pros should hit the shelves tomorrow, July 29th. The report, from [Google Translate], claims the information comes form a reliable source who has previously been accurate in predicting updates for the MacBook Air, iMac, and iPod touch.



Few details on the new Retina MacBook Pros are available from the source other than that the update will include both 13-inch and 15-inch models and that only minor changes to the internal model number (J44a and J45a respectively) point to a simple speed bump. 

A previous report had shown in-store signage, (shown above), that had shown three 15-inch MacBook Pro models showing refreshed Haswell processors clocked at 200 MHz faster than current models. Those new Haswell chips had been introduced by Intel last week.

The new machines are also expected to show a doubling of RAM for the low-end 15-inch model, with the memory moving from the 8 GB point up to 16 GB.


Chris Hauk

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