Apple Debuts New Holiday Ad – “The Song”

Apple Debuts New Holiday Ad – “The Song”

Apple has debuted a new 90-second holiday themed ad. “The Song” features a girl who unearths an old record, apparently a gift from her grandmother to her grandfather from the 1950s.


The record includes a message about not being able to be together for the holidays and then a rendition of “Love Is Here to Stay” sung by the grandmother.

The girl then learns the words to the song and creates her own arrangement , which includes accompaniment on several instruments. She also records her own vocals for various portions of the song, laying them alongside her grandmother’s original vocals.

The girl then leaves an iPad mini for her grandmother, accompanied by a notes saying, “A Duet, Press Play.” The grandmother comes to tears as she listens to the duet from her granddaughter and her younger self while looking through old photos left with the iPad.

If you can watch this and not tear up just a bit, consider therapy.