Intel’s 5th-Generation Broadwell Processors Finally Make the Scene

Posted in Apple News, Miscellaneous on 05/01/2015 by Chris Hauk


Intel’s highly anticipated 5th-generation Broadwell 14nm Core processors are finally ready to roll out. The new processor is expected be the brains behind Apple’s much-rumored new MacBook Air.

A shot of a Broadwell die

The new chips promise a 20-30% battery life improvement over the current Haswell chips, meaning the typical 15W Broadwell CPU will last an average of 90 minutes longer when performing video playback.

Intel is adding 14 new processors under its i3, i5, and i7 categories, while also adding to its Celeron and Pentium lineups, marking the first time the company has refreshed all segments of its consumer CPU lineup at the same time. Manufacturers will have 10 new low-power, 15-watt models and 4 new 28-watt variants to choose from.

The Broadwell processor’s a die has been shrunk by 37%, fitting in 35% more transistors, totaling 1.3 billion. Intel says 3D graphics rendering has been improved by up to 22%, while video encoding has been improved by as much as 50%.

Intel’s 15-watt processors will boast Intel HD Graphics 5500 and 6000 graphics, while the28-watt level will boast Intel’s Iris 6100. The graphics chips have gotten a boost, meaning Intel’s WiDi wireless streaming option can now stream full 4K video.

Intel’s announcement is good news for Apple users, as the chip has been expected to be used in Apple’s much-rumored redesigned MacBook Air. Apple’s new ultra-light laptop is expected to sport a thinner, fanless form factor, along with a Retina display.


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