Report: Radically Redesigned 12-inch MacBook Air On Its Way

Posted in Apple, Mac, Rumor on 06/01/2015 by Chris Hauk


In a report accompanied by a set of artist renderings, 9to5Mac offers a look at what it says will likely be the upcoming radically redesigned 12-inch MacBook Air from Apple.

MacBook Air Render - 9to5Mac

MacBook Air Render – 9to5Mac

The report – compiled from information by sources within Apple, who have reportedly used internal prototype versions of the upcoming computer – jibes with previous rumors and reports, and offers a look at a MacBook Air that has almost the same footprint as today’s 11-inch Air, while offering a 12-inch, higher-resolution display with narrower bezels.

The new machine’s keyboard will extend from edge to edge, with the speaker grills moving to an area above the keyboard, where they will do double-duty as ventilation holes to help keep the laptop cool. It is also said to sport a slightly taller, “clickless” trackpad.

MacBook Air Render - 9to5Mac

MacBook Air Render – 9to5Mac

The new model is also reported to do away with all of the ports found on the machine, save a USB Type-C port that will likely handle both connectivity and charging for the new ultra-light on one side, and a standard headphone jack and dual-microphones on the other.

The new MacBook Air will most assuredly be powered by Intel’s new Broadwell Core M processors, allowing for a thinner, fanless design.

MacBook Air Render - 9to5Mac

MacBook Air Render: new MacBook on the left, Current 11-in MacBook Air on the right – 9to5Mac

While the latest rumors indicate that the new MacBook Air will ship in mid-2015, other reports claim that the new Air is already nearing production.

For more information and renderings, be sure to read the original story at 9to5Mac.


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