upNEXT for the Apple TV Helps You Keep Your TV Schedule Straight

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While most of us have DVRs, or simply watch televisions shows via streaming, there are still plenty of people who either watch shows live, or simply forget to schedule them to be recorded. upNEXT, a handy new app for the Apple TV is for those folks.

upNEXT for the Apple TV Helps You Keep Your TV Schedule Straight

From upNEXT:

Are your tired of missing your favorite TV shows because you forget when they come on? upNEXT will keep track of all your favorite shows on a personal schedule for the current week and easily allow you to view the day, time, and network so you never miss another minute of a show again. Having to scroll through multiple screens and listings on the TV guide is a thing of the past!

upNEXT allows users to search for their favorite shows, and view a summary about the selected show. With a quick tap of the “Add Show” button via your Apple TV Remote, and the show is added to your weekly show calendar.

upNEXT for the Apple TV Helps You Keep Your TV Schedule Straight

Users can also check out the “Trending” section to see what is popular with other viewers. Your own program list syncs with your iCloud account, so everyone in the household using the same Apple TV can view their own show schedule. If you add upNEXT to your Top Shelf, you can easily see the most popular shows that are airing today.

While currently upNEXT doesn’t offer much more than a reminder of when your shows are scheduled, the developers assure us they have some great new features in store for later. It’s still early days in the tvOS App Store, so we can’t wait what the developers come up with.

upNEXT for the Apple TV Helps You Keep Your TV Schedule Straight

upNEXT can be found in the tvOS App Store by searching for “upNext.” The app will cost you a cool $1.99. You can follow upNEXT on Twitter at: @_upNEXTApp.

As a reward for reading all the way to the bottom of this post, upNext has been kind enough to give us six promo codes. They’re available on a first come, first served basis. You can find them directly below. (If a code doesn’t work, that means it has already been used by someone faster on the draw than you are, so please don’t complain if a code doesn’t work.)







upNEXT found out that we gave away all of the codes, so… They’ve been nice enough to supply us with 10 more! Grab ’em while they’re fresh! Once they’re gone, it’s over!












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