Video Shown to Apple Employees Features the ‘Softer Side’ of Steve Jobs

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 06/10/2015 by Chris Hauk


ABC News on Tuesday shared an exclusive video that was shared with Apple employees on Monday, in honor of the fourth anniversary of Steve Jobs death on October 5, 2011. The video displays the “softer side” of the Apple co-founder.

Video Shown to Apple Employees Features the 'Softer Side' of Steve Jobs


During the brief clips shared by ABC News, Jobs urges the company’s employees to go in to an Apple Store and “just give one of the Apple retail store employees a hug,” discusses his theory of corporate management, and debunks the history to his famous ripped jeans.

The video shows Jobs as he addresses a gathering of Apple employees one day before the release of the original iPhone, back in 2007.

The video may be an effort by Apple to counteract some of the stories about Jobs that have resurfaced, as a number of recent films have sought to chronicle the Apple co-founder’s life. The upcoming Aaron Sorkin-written Steve Jobs film in particular has come under fire from several of Jobs’ friends, co-workers and relatives, including Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs, who reportedly attempted to end production on the Sorkin project a number of times.

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook has also spoken out about the movie, which is based on the best-selling Walter Isaacson biography, a book which Cook has said is not about the Steve Jobs he knew, saying, “The person I read about there is somebody I would never have wanted to work with over all this time.”


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