Rumor: Thinner MacBook Air 13-in and 15-in Models to Debut at WWDC 2016

Posted in Mac, Rumor on 30/11/2015 by Chris Hauk


A report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News [Google Translate] indicates Apple may have a revamped MacBook Air in the works, possibly planning to debut the new machine at WWDC 2016 next June. The MacBook Air has not seen a significant hardware change since back in 2010, so a major update would certainly be well received by MacBook Air users.

Rumor: Thinner MacBook Air 13-in and 15-in Models to Debut at WWDC 2016

The report says the new MacBook Air will sport a slimmer design, and will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. The report doesn’t mention an 11-inch model, as is available in the current Air lineup. The slimmer design would include “fully redesigned” internal components, and Apple is reported to be working with suppliers to develop these new components.

Apple’s MacBook lineup expanded earlier this year, with the offering of a new fanless MacBook sporting a 12-inch Retina screen, and a single USB-C port. Many observers believed the new MacBook might take the place of the MacBook Air as Apple’s mainstream MacBook, so a redesigned MacBook Air lineup would come as a surprise to many.

As always, this is merely a rumor, and should be take as such. Possibly with a grain of salt, or for those on low-sodium diets, a bit of Mrs. Dash. (If that’s still available…)


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