Trivia Night Offers the First Multiplayer Trivia Quiz Game for Apple TV

Posted in Apple News, Apple TV, Apps on 11/11/2015 by Chris Hauk


Turing Limited and Papertank Limited have released Trivia Night for the Apple TV. The group claims it is the first multiplayer trivia quiz game for the new Apple TV.

Trivia Night Offers the First Multiplayer Trivia Quiz Game for Apple TV

The game allows up to 6 players to compete against each other, using the Apple TV, and a free companion app for their iPhone or iPad.

The TV app randomly chooses a player to select the first question category (eg. Film & TV, Geography, General Knowledge) and the game begins. The question and answers appear on the TV screen and on the iOS app, with each player given ten seconds to answer each question. Scores are shown at the end of each 3-question round. The game finishes when a player reaches 10, 20, or 30 points (as chosen by the Apple TV’s owner).

The game currently offers 1,500 questions, and more are said to be on the way. The content is family friendly, and is even suitable for use in the classroom. It sounds like loads of fun for a family game night. We’re going to download it and try it out this weekend!

The game allows anyone with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 9 and above to join the game, and there isn’t any need to join the local Wi-Fi network, the game will automatically recognize any nearby devices running the Trivia Night companion app.

For more information, visit the Trivia Night website. Search for “Trivia Night” on the tvOS App Store, the game is $1.99. The free iOS Trivia Night companion app is available here.


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