The Ring Video Doorbell Catches Suspected Burglars

The Ring Video Doorbell Catches Suspected Burglars

Ring, a video doorbell company, makes a device that is amazingly easy to setup and manage. Their doorbell cameras have recently caught several suspected burglars in northwest Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department is looking for help to identify the people in the video below. It has been said that because one of the homeowners was able to respond, theirs was not broken into.

Notice how clear the video looks, even at night. For $199, the Ring gives you a wide angled view of who’s at your front door and the ability to respond in real-time.


HD video produced by the Ring, is uploaded to a cloud connected server. So even if the home is broken into, or the doorbell damaged, the video of who did it is safe.

Reports of packages being taken off of doorsteps have increased over the last week due to holiday packages arriving from popular online e-tailers. One way to secure a refund or a second shipment of the stolen products is to have video proof.

San Francisco Bay Area resident Jordan Harbinger said that he was able to secure a refund from his credit card company because of the video from his doorbell camera. Read more about the story from KTVU in San Francisco.

“We looked at our video doorbell that we had just installed, and — sure enough — there was video of someone walking by, spotting the package. He comes back takes it and takes off,” said Harbinger.

Save yourself the headache of trying to convince an online retailer, like Amazon, to refund or replace a stolen package. Video from devices like the Ring Video Doorbell helps with reporting of incidents.


I like the idea of this device for many reasons. Multiple delivery drivers have forgot to ring my doorbell or knock on the door after dropping packages. The Ring would have notified me before they ever reached the door and I would have video of them dropping any package.

For more information about the Ring, visit their website. The Ring is also available at Amazon for $199.00.