Alien Invasion Offers Retro Game and Watch-Inspired Action for Apple Watch

Posted in Apple News, Apple Watch, Apps on 11/01/2016 by Chris Hauk


If you fondly recall the Nintendo Game and Watch devices from the 1980s, you’ll love Alien Invasion 1.0 for the Apple Watch, from UK-based developer Light Pillar. The game provides old-school Game and Watch-style action right on your wrist, controlled completely by the Digital Crown.

Alien Invasion Offers Retro Game and Watch-Inspired Action

“You are Commander Snafu, you’ve bungled your attempt to take over the Earth because your army of aliens cannot survive in Earth’s atmosphere! Your troops are fleeing and need rescuing before they explode in the vacuum of space. Save them and maybe you can salvage your career, you incompetent fool!”

There are two game modes, Game A is for beginners, while Game B offers a faster-paced challenge. The game is Game Center connected, and you can challenge your friends from the iPhone version of the app via your favorite social network.

Alien Invasion Offers Retro Game and Watch-Inspired Action

We downloaded the game, and found it to be a great little time killer. We wish more developers would look at the Apple Watch for this type of game, it’s perfect for the Watch.

Alien Invasion 1.0 is priced at $2.99, which might seem a little high, but if you’re a fan of the 80s Game and Watch games, you’ll likely get your money’s worth. Requires and Apple Watch running watchOS2 or later, and an iPhone running iOS 9.0 or later. [GET IT HERE]


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