CES 2016: Misfit Debuts Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones/Activity Tracker

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Misfit has been busy at CES 2016, debuting their new “Ray” fitness and sleep tracker on Tuesday, and today introducing their first “smart hearable” accessory, the Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones.

CES 2016: Misfit Debuts Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones/Activity Tracker


Distinct in today’s traditional wearables market, Specter delivers functionality beyond the wrist, part of an emerging category of smart “hearable” products. Specter is compatible with Misfit Link allowing users to connect with a variety of internet services, apps, and hardware. It also offers activity and sleep tracking via an embedded accelerometer. Bluetooth sync with the Misfit app lets users see their activity and sleep information.

The new earphones boast dual driver technology to offer excellent sound reproduction for any kind of music. The Specter can also monitor steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. Users can record their sleep patterns if they’d like, by wearing the Specter to bed. The Specter’s accelerometer is encased in a small module down the cord from the earbuds, and can be clipped to clothing if desired.

CES 2016: Misfit Debuts Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones/Activity Tracker

The new headphones are being launched as part of a partnership with top acoustic technology company 1MORE. The wearable was developed and is endorsed by Luca Bignardi, 4-time Grammy winner and world-renowned music producer. Bignardi is part of 1MORE’s acoustic research and development team.

“We developed the next essential product that we believe our customers want – seamless, comfortable in-ear headphones that deliver high-end sound and useful connected functionality in a gorgeous form factor,” said Preston Moxcey, Vice President and General Manager at Misfit.

Specter will be available later this year. Misfit hasn’t yet announced a price for the new headphones. We’ll let you know when they do.


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