Comic Life 3.5 Released for Mac, PC, and iOS

Comic Life 3.5 Released for Mac, PC, and iOS

Indie developer plasq has released Comic Life 3.5, an update to their popular award-winning photo comic creation software for the Mac, PCs, and iOS devices. The new version brings a suite of new comic templates, a new full color halftone feature for dynamic comic styling effects, and an improved workflow to the drag and drop script feature.

Comic Life 3.5 Released for Mac, PC, and iOS

We’re big fans of Comic Life around here, as the first Mac we ever bought, a black MacBook, had Comic Life preinstalled on the hard drive. We’ve loved it ever since.

The app allows users to create their own comics, award certificates, trading cards, and more using various themes, fonts and comic styles. Templates include those designed specifically for educational use, including those for building a science report, writing a newspaper, creating a skill sheet, and more.

A new full-color halftone feature gives complete control of rendering of halftones, and is applicable to any element on a page. The Script Editor’s improved workflow offers an upgraded drag-and-drop feature, allowing script to be pulled from a script and dropped into any existing text element on a page.

Comic Life 3.5 is available for the Mac and PC via plasq’s website for $29.99 USD. The Mac version will be available shortly in the Mac App Store. Comic Life for iOS is available through the App Store for $4.99 USD. The update is free to existing users of Comic Life 3. A 30-day free trial is available for download via the plasq website.


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