Product Hunt Launches Menu Bar App for Mac

Product Hunt Launches Menu Bar App for Mac

Fans of Product Hunt, the website that tracks new technology, books, apps, games, and such, will be glad to know the site has announced the release of a Mac app that sits up in the menu bar, allowing users to easily track the latest stories.

Product Hunt Launches Menu Bar App for Mac

The app makes it super easy to see all the cool things people are making. You’ll find newly posted products, books, games, and podcasts appear at the top, highlighted with a red dot. Swipe your touchpad to scroll through the day’s feed.

Product Hunt appears in the menu bar as a “P” icon, which users click to view the day’s stories. The app does one thing, and does it well, allowing Product Hunt fans a quick method of accessing the latest posts. The app updates its list of stories on a regular basis, and can be setup to display a notification when a new story is available.

Users can scroll through the latest posts, clicking on a story headline of interest loads the Product Hunt website in the user’s default browser, offering the opportunity to read more about that headline.

Users can set filters to display posts that only have a certain number of votes to limit what content is offered, making it easy to see only the most popular articles. Users can also access an FAQ and help, if needed.

The app is open source, and is available on GitHub, allowing users to help improve the app.

We have an open API, currently being used by more than 150 apps (including a “Tinder for Product Hunt”, no joke). And of course, we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram as well.


We’ve been inspired by a few others that have built awesome Mac apps with our API. The interest in Hunt X, Laser Kitten (lol, that name), Huntr, The Hunt, and One further encouraged us to create (and maintain) an official version and make it open source so others can contribute. It’s all on GitHub.

The new Product Hunt app for Mac can be downloaded free, directly from the Product Hunt website.

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