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Taylor Swift Stars in ‘Distractingly Good’ Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift Stars in ‘Distractingly Good’ Apple Music Ad

Apple on Friday debuted a new ad for its Apple Music streaming service. The humorous spot stars Taylor Swift, who gets a bit distracted by her Apple Music workout playlist, resulting in a bit of I Love Lucy-like slapstick comedy.

Taylor Swift Stars in 'Distractingly Good' Apple Music Ad

The ad shows Ms. Swift getting ready to start a treadmill workout session by selecting just the right workout-related playlist from Apple Music. She navigates through the service’s recommended “Activity” playlists, until she decides on the “Running” category, and a playlist called “Gymflow,” which kicks off with Drake & Future’s song “Jumpman.”

Apple Music includes a number of preset playlists, on the service’s “New” tab for all users, specifically curated for various events – such as workouts or studying – by Apple.

Taylor begins her workout, getting into the song she’s listening to on her Bluetooth headset. Eventually, she gets a little too much into the tune, and hilarity ensues. The ad ends with a tagline that describes Apple Music as “Distractingly Good.”

There’s no truth to the rumor that the Apple was originally going to use a Kanye West playlist for the ad, but ran into technical issues with it when each playlist began with Kanye saying, “Imma let you workout, but…”

Taylor tweeted about the ad this morning, claiming the ad was, “Based on true events.”