Airmail 3 for Mac Offers A Number of New and Improved Features

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Bloop S.R.L. has released a new version of their popular Airmail email client for Mac OS X. Airmail 3 offers a number of new and improved features, as well as some fixes for issues found in the previous version.

Airmail 3 for Mac Offers A Number of New and Improved Features

Airmail 3 App Store page:

What’s New in Version 3.0

New – Smart Folders
New – Vip
New – Vip notifications
New – Actions
New – Send Later (Gmail and Exchange)
New – Customizable Menu
New – Customizable Gestures
New – Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
New – Customizable Folders
New – Calendar integration (apply to new permissions)
New – Fuzzy Label, Move to
New – Online Search
New – Message Rendering Engine
New – Action Space Key to scroll
New – Action Unsubscribe
New – Rules Export/Import
New – iCloud Rules sync
New – iCloud VIP sync
New – iCloud Smart Folders sync
New – Forward messages in Rules
New – Sort Messages By Account
New – Recipients detected from previously sent messages
New – Integration Asana
New – Integration Trello
New – Gmail (Primary Inbox support)
New – Redesigned threads
New – Reply To Field

Improved – Sending with VPN (Gmail)
Improved – Quick Reply
Improved – Composer Attachments
Improved – Thread rendering
Improved – Respect Silent Notification
Improved – Starred on threads
Improved – GAL now support groups
Improved – Contacts

Fixed – Autocorrect on Subject
Fixed – Gmail multiple Login Windows
Fixed – Sporadic Half rendering Messages
Fixed – Links messages

Airmail is a lightweight email client, especially designed for use with OS X El Capitan to offer fast performance and intuitive interaction.  The app offers support for iCloud, MS Exchange, Gmail, Google Apps, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!, AOL,, and

Airmail was voted top email app in an AppleInsider reader poll earlier this year, beating out Outlook, Nylas N1, and others. The app has long been a favorite around the MacTrast offices, and it’s our daily-use email client.

Airmail 3 for the Mac is $9.99, and is available now in the Mac App Store. The update is free for current Airmail users. [GET IT HERE]


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