Prepaid Carrier MetroPCS Now Offering the iPhone to All U.S. Customers

Posted in Apple, Apple News, iPhone on 15/07/2016 by Chris Hauk


T-Mobile’s prepaid MetroPCS wireless service on Friday began offering Apple’s iPhone lineup of device to its customers across the United States. The carrier previously only offered the iPhone to its Florida customers.

MetroPCS Now Offering the iPhone to All U.S. Customers


Pricing is identical to that offered for the July 1 Florida debut. The iPhone 6s sells for $649 and up, with the 6s Plus starting at $749. The iPhone SE is available for $349 with a $50 instant rebate on the 16GB configuration, while the iPhone 5s is $199.

The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and SE are all new devices. It isn’t known if the iPhone 5s handsets are new, or reconditioned.

MetroPCS offers unlimited talk, text, and data service plans starting at $30 per month, (1GB of high-speed data), and the carrier will knock an extra $60 off the price of a handset if the customer is porting a number over from another carrier.

For more information about the iPhone and available service plans, visit the MetroPCS website.


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