If Your AirPods Are Losing Their Charge too Quickly, Try This Trick

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Are you the proud owner of a pair of new AirPods, but you’ve noticed the battery life isn’t what it should be, draining as much as 30% in a few hours, even while they’re not being used, and are in the case? Here’s something that might help.

If Your AirPods Are Losing Their Charge too Quickly, Try This Trick

The issue seems to be that the AirPods simply aren’t powering down as they should when they’re place in their charging case. This means they remain connected to the user’s iPhone, and continue to draw power, and in some cases even cause the connected iPhone to use up battery power that it shouldn’t.

Many users are finding that the fix for the problem is a simple one. A Redditor found a fix that worked for him, and is reportedly working for a number of users who were experiencing similar battery drain issues. If you’re experiencing issues, follow the steps listed below.

How to Reset Your AirPods

  1. Press and hold the setup button on your AirPods charging case for at around 15 seconds until you see the status light flash amber a few times and then flashes white.
  2. You will then need to reconnect your AirPods to all your devices again. (The “double-tap” to pause function will also need to be setup again, if you have that activated.).

If resetting your AirPods doesn’t seem to help, other users have reported thar completely draining both your AirPods and the charging case, and then recharging seems to help. iMore says Redditor depressedsports tried this method and went from 4% hourly battery drops (without use) to only 1% total in a day (without use).

If after trying both solutions listed above, you see no improvement in battery life for your new wireless earbuds, you’ll likely need to contact Apple Support. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

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