Apple Adds End-to-End Encryption Across Its CareKit Medical Platform

Posted in Apple, Apple News, iOS on 11/01/2017 by Chris Hauk


Mashable reports Apple has partnered with security firm Tresorit to offer developers creating apps with Apple’s CareKit platform access to better privacy options, including end-to-end encryption.

Apple Adds End-to-End Encryption Across Its CareKit Medical Platform

Tresorit’s security technology, called ZeroKit, will offer user authentication for patients and healthcare workers, end-to-end encryption of health data, and “zero knowledge” sharing of health data, in which data isn’t shared with any service as it transfers.

Mashable notes that ZeroKit’s founders approached Apple about integrating their security system into CareKit about four months ago.¬†The partnership was announced in a blog post on¬†Apple’s CareKit blog.

“Apple designed the iOS platform and CareKit with security at its core. When building apps where data is shared across devices and with other services, developers want to extend this security to the cloud. This is exactly what ZeroKit does.”

Apple’s open-source platform offers developers and healthcare professionals access to tools that make it easier to build apps to monitor vital signs, monitor symptoms, keep track of medication scheduling, and more.

In addition to providing tools for healthcare professionals, the platform also allows patients to track and observe their own progress. While healthcare professionals developing an app using CareKit can choose to opt into ZeroKit’s security offerings. Consumers won’t be allowed to choose whether to apply the encryption to their own accounts. The back-end integration will allow Apple’s platform to fall in line with the government’s privacy rules regarding patient information.


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