CES 2017: Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Service to Allow Mac Users to Play High-End PC Games

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Nvidia announced Wednesday that March will see the rollout of GeForce Now, their new cloud-based service that will allow low-end Mac and PC owners to play graphics intensive high-end PC games.

CES 2017: Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Service to Allow Mac Users to Play High-End PC Games


Nvidia says that there are an estimated 1 billion PC users who have integrated GPUs that can’t play games “to their full potential.” GeForce Now allows those users to access a Pascal-powered PC in the cloud to play games to their full potential.

The new gaming service will be similar to an identically named service currently available for Nvidia Shield users. As well as allowing low-end Mac users to play high-end PC games, it will also be the only way for Mac users to play the latest top-rated PC games. The Verge reports Nvidia showed off the service by playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on an iMac. The game, the latest in the popular Tomb Raider series, is not currently available as a native macOS game.

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GeForce Now doesn’t stream games from the cloud to a user’s Mac or PC, instead, the service acts more like a high-end PC in the cloud which runs the games instead of placing the load on the local machine. Users will be required to purchase their games from online distributors, such as Steam and Origin. The purchased games can then be run on GeForce’s GRID servers.

Pricing for the service will start at $25 for 20 hours of play, with optional multiple GPU tiers open to users, which offer more advanced graphics, at a higher price.

  • AAPL.To.Break.$115.Soon.>:-)

    It’s better than nothing. No thanks to Apple and their fixation on mobile GPUs for Mac desktops.

    • Chris Hauk

      So true. Will you be trying it when it becomes available?


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